Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Things to look forward to. So far this week has been really good (been really happy--don't know why). I realize that it's only Tuesday, but I have Friday off & now Monday! I'm going to Disneyland with Lan & the kids! Whooooo ha!! So I'm flying home Thursday night to spend Easter with the family, and I cancelled my flight home so I can drive down with Lani and the kids. Yay! Quality time with the family! Something to look forward to. I hope I keep feeling like this, I keep praying for good things--and I wish all my stuff from SJSU would hurry up and get to me. My first letter of rec is in, two more to come. I'm so tempted to open it up--but I did check off that I waive my option to see what they think of me. So yeah, still gotta wait....I hate waiting (even thought I'm pretty patient about a lot of things). Hope everything is going well with you, you're always in my thoughts. *HUG*

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