Saturday, May 01, 2004

the end of an era

so i'm sitting here at the beginning of a friends marathon (i know, i'm retarded)--and i know you're all thinking why (since i have season 1 - 7 on dvd & season 8 - now on tape). *shrug* i just am. it's also cause i don't want to be out, it's too friken hot out there (besides i already went out and did all my errands for the weekend). and this thursday is the 2 hour series finale of my favorite show ever. i have my tape all set up, and i know i'll probably be balling (at least i'll be watching it with shan--i think). it's just weird, every thursday for the past 10 years off and on i've been glued to my tv (or watched it sometime after since i tape everything). i guess cause it relates to everything, or when i actually moved out i totally felt whatever they were feeling. yeah, they had their off seasons but for the most part....i loved it. anyway, i know ya'll think i'm stupid since i'm talking about a show (but whatever, i'm sure you all have your own shows you follow)...i'm going back to my marathon. hope you all are having a good weekend. and for those of you in cali, stay indoors--it's hot outside!! take care everyone--you're always in my thoughts *hug*