Saturday, May 29, 2004

reinvent yourself

so on thursday, may 27th i finally saw my idol in concert. i have collected tape's and cd's of her since i was 13, i searched all over hawaii for those stupid black jelly bracelets (now i have no idea where they are). i had posters all over my room--from the giant ones from the poster store, to the little ones in "teen beat" or whatever i could get my hands on. i bought anything i could get of her, i have this wallet sized head shot of her that i used to carry around in my wallet (along with my pic of duran duran)...of course, my mom would never let me dress like her--but i could blast her music as loud as i wanted (even like a prayer). i was even allowed to watch her video's--once we got mtv that is. and on thursday i finally was able to see her. she is the most amazing entertainer, and i'm told she rocks as a boss. shannon was one of her dancers when she did "vogue" at the grammys (i forget what year), and she said she's a great boss & she's not so "divaish". she is just so amazing, and i wasn't disappointed... *click* *click* the pictures aren't that great, a few good ones--the rest are kinda blurry...and we weren't in the best of seats. but i don't care, i finally saw madonna in concert!! and to top this all FIRST concert EVER!! i was so happy, i was singing her my groove on & clapped and screamed my ass off. i had this goofy ass face as we left the forum, since i was so daymn happy. then it happened. ruined my madonna night. we were walking to the car, a car was coming and my friend tried to cross, but i didn't "commit" he stepped back and as the car passes he kicks the car. driver get's out of his car, words were said, then the blows came. i couldn't get in between cause i'd get knocked around, so i just stood there and waited till it was over....pulled my friend away and looked for the car. suffice it to say--madonna night was ruined. he actually thought it was funny. this all could have been avoided...but whatever, it happened. so as i was telling some of my other people, i'm going to just remember that i FINALLY got to see madonna. i love her, and from what i'm told...this is going to be one of her last tours. so i saw her just in time! she is just an amazing performer, and now....i have to get immaculate collection on cd (since i only have it on tape). ahhhh, it was great, just so great (with that exception) but yeah, great, and i'm happy. i'm finally doing things, it's a sign i tell you, a sign. so i hope you all have a wonderful weekend. oh and one more thing....GO LAKERS!!! you can take it in 5!! *mwah*

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