Monday, May 03, 2004

down time

so at work our server or data line is down....well, it's something else like the company we use went bankrupt so we don't have access to outlook, internet, or we can't put in our time. actually, all our branches are down except our main office. it's sad man, i had to find other ways to entertain myself. so i started playing minesweeper, pinball, spider solitaire, solitaire, hearts and this encarta encyclopedia game...Pretty cool man. i finished the encarta game (well, level 2 anyway) was so cool. so yeah, i'm hoping they fixed the problem by now--or by the time i get there in the morning. if not, i'm going to try level 3 of the encarta game! * * * * oh and it's SUPER hot out there. please pray for the firefighters out there fighting the fires down in san diego and riverside. i hate fire's too early! those poor people who had to be evacuated...i feel so bad for them. we need rain, and we need to cool the hell's like we're all melting, i have my ac on as i type. we need to cool down, drink lotsa water people & keep your animals indoors!!