Thursday, May 06, 2004

it's the end

so tonight at 8pm it will be the beginning of the end....of friends. my one constant for these past 5 years (since i wasn't religious about it when i was up in the bay). it was there when the boys were no longer around, when my people decided they didn't need me, and when everything in my world was disappointing. i look forward to it every week, and tonight will be the end. yes, i am saddened by that fact. i will cry, and i will ignore all im's and phone calls (unless you're super special--and i mean SUPER special [you know who you are]). so even though i'm looking forward to tonight, i'll be really sad at the end. no more shows like this one, nothing to look forward to for the new fall season (i hope i'll be in school so i don't have to worry about that). i know it's an obsession, but hey we all got our little quirks right? so good-bye friends. i'll see you on dvd (or on syndication).