Tuesday, May 25, 2004

"Oh, you know the Bitch"

"The Bitch is the voice that stops you from expressing who you are and berates you for saying and doing something you cannot go back and change. It nags and nags and nags you." ..... "The Bitch tells you everything you're not cable of doing, being, or achieving. It says, "Don't show people how much you love them--they'll take advantage of you. Don't shine--people will be jealous. Don't express what you feel--it may piss someone off and if they're pissed off they won't love you and if they don't love you, you'll feel empty and then you'll start drinking and overeating and be fat and drunk and no one will ever want to be with you, so just keep your mouth shut and walk the other way." After I realized I was in control of whether I listen to the Bitch or not, she stopped coming around. Being ignored pissed her off so much she left my mind for weeks, sometimes even months, at a time. Just as flowers wilt when their needs are ignored, the Bitch got quiet when I no longer listened to and followed every word she said." * * * * this is just a excerpt from a book i'm reading, Psychic Diaries by Lysa Mateu. i just really liked it & i thought i'd share...daymn bitch.

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