Tuesday, May 11, 2004

say hello...

to my dear friend milliza! she was one of my candidates from j.a.c. #30, and she incidentally was the only candidate/graduate (so far) that became a director. yes, she followed my footsteps. heheh. so say hello, even though she hasn't said much yet--i'm sure she'll have a lot more to say in the days to come. ain't the internet grand? i'm re-connecting with my people (and she's all the way in the pinas now!). anyway, lakers are gonna be on in a bit (once the nets kick detroits ass--hurry up already!)...and i must support my boys. anyone wanna take me to game 5? let me know--i'm so there! **edit: OMG i was so engrossed in the game that i forgot about american idol!!!

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