Monday, May 17, 2004

weekend of troy *drools*

first we went to the grove for some eats, then we went to the ghetty... *click* *click* it was all about appreciating troy this weekend. now mind you, i've lived down in so cal for 5 years, and in la around 4 years--but i've never ventured out. it took someone from seatle (of all places) to get me out of my apartment to check out the mean streets of la. we checked out the greek art (and everything else) over at the ghetty. mind you, i thought the ghetty was more of a "private" museum where you had to "reserve" a time to go. i don't know why i thought that, i just did. after the ghetty we went to this restaurant (i don't remember the name) but it was the "food of the gods". didn't really care for the cobb salad but the avocado was nice. then off to watch troy at mann's westwood village (first time ever there--too bad they weren't premiering anything). boy let me tell you, brad pitts ass was so smooth! it was all about achilles & hector (well and the war and everything). i was surprised that i remembered parts of history....especially that daymn trojan horse! but paris, oh paris...although you're good with an arrow--you can't do squat with a sword. i still love you though. so for the boys, the war was pretty daymn good...for the girls, eye candy galore & of course the history of it all. then it was off to the sports bar to watch the lakes kick spurs ass! hell yeah baby! now who will we play? the timberwolves, or the sorry ass kings? hmmmmm.... after that we headed over to the promenade for some more fun with drinks! so i'd like to thank shaolinLFE for showing me around la & being my favorite movie "bud". hehe i do remember what i'm not supposed to say, but i won't say it here. so yeah, i had a great time & thanks for making me go outside and enjoy la! whooo ha! i think i drank to much....

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