Sunday, May 23, 2004

volunteer day w/ p.s. arts

so saturday morning i woke up early to help out shannon with her fundraising event "conga challenge 2004." *click* *click* those are just a bunch of pictures of the kids setting up, playing & of course the "conga line." for those of you who don't know, p.s. arts is a non-profit organization that brings art programs (i.e. music, drama, etc.) to public schools. they have grown over the past 5 years, and shannon is the ONLY member of the staff that has been with p.s. arts from the beginning. well i can't really say staff, because she has her own staff that she's in charge of...i think from the main office or something. anyway, whenever they have some sort of "event" or whenever shan asks me to come along i always go that's part of my "volunteer work" while i'm out here. just seeing the kids performing makes me happy (of course before and after sometimes i could strangle them--but that's besides the point). * * * * we basically spent the entire day at the promenade. after the event we decided to go shopping, and shan even bought me make up and showed me how to use it. we spent entirely way to much, but it's not like i go shopping every day (actually hardly ever in my case). so yeah, after our "shopping binge" we had dinner with her man and his friends. interesting night is all i can say. although i am glad i'm going out more, but we were just way tired (since i was up hella early!) so i hope you enjoyed the pics, i'm gonna finish cleaning up--then watch the lakes kick some t.wolves ass!! hope you all had a wonderful weekend! *mwah*

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