Thursday, May 13, 2004

one lucky shot deserves another

hell yeah baby! i might have missed 75% of the game but fourth quarter made up for that. fishy made it in .4 seconds!! YEAH BABY!! whoooo hooooo!! one more to go!! come on home boys!! * * * * oh and i messed around with my template, so in netscape the font looks smaller but in explorer it looks normal. if anyone knows how to make it normal can ya let me know? but it's cool cause the title line works & i now have a spot for recent posts. i'm lovin this new blogger! oh and i put my "blogger profile" up also--check my invasions. =) why couldn't they think of this earlier? we all had to do everything manually. now with the new formats it comes with comments--and all the extra stuff that i added. oh well, ain't technology grand? * * * * i'm just happy my boys won! whooo hooo!!! **edit: okay, i figured it out. so in netscape it looks big--but in explorer even bigger! and i got the rest of the font to be normal sized again. i think i'm happy with it.

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