Wednesday, March 10, 2004

random mutterings since someone is bored at work, and wants something to comment to here you go (i didn't tell you to give up chatting at work for lent, but whatever). i've been in a rather loopy type mood...happy yet loopy mood. maybe it's in the air, or maybe i'm just allowing myself to feel this way again....i don't care....i'm happy! and while i'm doing this one of my friends is asking me why i gave up sweets for lent, since it's so good for you. he keeps telling me all he bought, and i keep telling him how i can't eat any of that. then he tells me that everyone is selling chocolate, there's chocolate everywhere!! i keep seeing all the sweet tasty things that want to go in my mouth, but alas....i cannot have such things for 5 or so more weeks. i keep dreaming and craving for sweet things, i stare at them, i hear them calling my name. but no, i must be strong. i gave up a lot this lenten season, but since i gave up one thing that would be virtually impossible at this point in time, i had to give up the sweets along with. now i'm craving them, they want me as much as i want them. all my friends are eating them in front of me, or talking to me about them. i need it, i want it, i must have it, i will have 5 friken weeks. grrrr, this is so frustrating (as frustrating as waiting for the other thing i gave up even). if you know what else i gave up then you know what i mean, but if not....well sorry for you then. don't get me wrong, i'm happy.... i'm just craving those things that i love dearly, that i want badly, that i desire, yearn, need.....

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