Tuesday, March 09, 2004

heat wave!! so apparently, all of cali is having a heat wave this week. i really shouldn't be complaining since i know the rest of the nation is like 40 below or something. sorry guys, if i could send you our heat....i so would. i just can't stand the heat, give me winter any day, winter in jersey or nyc even....i can deal with that. but with heat comes the excema flare ups (arrgghhhh that's the worst thing ever)!! i wish i would just grow out of that, they told me when i was little that i would....but nooooooo i'm 30 and i still get flare ups!!! THEY LIED!!!! they just probably didn't know as much as they know now, but still....i believed them. heh, anyway....in other news. i'm happy. i don't know why, i've been happy all daymn day long (and i can't figure out why). mebe it's cause i'm staring at pictures (i love pictures)....i'm surrounded by them at my apt, and here at work. i love seeing my people smiling at me....makes me feel that all is right with the world. hope you all are having a good day. =)

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