Tuesday, March 23, 2004

On Signs... Have you ever asked for a sign, or you see signs just pop out of no where? You see, I like to ask for signs for everything (albeit a guy, or jobs...whatever)... it's like reassurance to me. Of course, I'm the only one seeing these signs and know what they mean--but regardless I ask, they come, I'm happy. Like for instance, when I did the Prayer to the Little Flower of Jesus...I got my sign on the 4th day (4 being my favorite number). Little things like that, or whenever I see a particular car on the freeway I think of what that represents to me, and I get all goofy happy. Is that weird? I mean, I'm sure there are signs everywhere (no not the stop, yield or go ones)...I see some everyday. I have conversations with people in my dreams, and they feel so real (sometimes I even have those same conversations with the people--in real life not a dream). I found something that I've been looking for, for years even...in a place I would have never thought to find it. Are these just coincidences? Or is it really a sign of things to come? Do they mean something, or is it just wishful thinking? I mean, people tell me to have faith...and I do. I just wonder sometimes....don't you?

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