Sunday, March 28, 2004

Prep Work I started taking the GRE Diagnostic and doing lessons...i'm in for a lot of work! My head hurts a bit, but I haven't studied for anything in like five years. I think I'll start off slow then bring it up a notch or more. I'm focusing more on the reading comp, and analogies....anything that's reading for now. I'm gonna take my time with the math, I think I'll need A LOT of help with that. I have to print out applications this week so I can mail the letter of rec part up to my old professor. There is just way to much to do. I really wanna do good on the GRE, too bad I don't know anyone that is a GRE prep specialist (if there is such a thing)...or have a math whiz that can help me out with math. Man, I'm only starting too....and I can't wait till it's all over. hahah j/k. They say that it's all about strategy, and learning how to read the GRE way. So maybe after I know how to read the GRE way I'll have to learn how to read the Masters way. I'm just so used to reading for pleasure, ahhhh those were the days.

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