Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Getting ready.... So I've been getting tips on what I need to do to prepare myself for applying to schools for Masters Programs. I even found 3 of my old professors emails, and emailed them tonight to see if they would write me letters of recommendation (I hope at least one of them will). One of my JAC sisters is actually attending school in Quezon City, Philippines....I forget what Masters Program she's in, but she's been giving me lots of pointers. I have to write down all my ideas, 'cause I tend to forget a lot of what I come up with. If that makes any sense. The hardest part (I think) will be when I write my personal statement, but she told me to just write down my ideas....and when I'm ready I should just write it out first--then edit it. That actually makes a lot of sense, seeing that I usually edit as I go (I tend to throw out a lot that way). Who knows maybe something profound will come out of it. HA! With my luck it'll take me months and months, and I still won't be happy with it. I also went to the book store today and bought a couple of GRE prep books (thanks Lissa!), GRE for dummies, and the Kaplan review book (w/ cd). Everyone's been telling me that I can study by myself instead of taking the courses, the only part I'd need help with probably is the math. We'll we shall see, I'll prep by myself and see how I do....if I don't do that great I'll invest in Kaplan or Princeton Review. I even found some other schools to apply to, but of course my first choice is Rutgers (the program looks really good), I doubt I can get into NYU since my cumulative GPA sucks big beans. We'll see, I have my options. I hope I can go to a part time program, so I can actually afford for a roof over my head, and food to fill my tummy (even if I have to live off of P&J for the first year). I feel so focused right now, the next thing for me to do is clean out my apartment (and study of course). I gotta get rid of a lot of clothes and shoes, and all the crap I tend to collect. I'm a COMPLETE pack rat...and I hate it. Someone has got to help me control that...I keep everything. I have old Esprit bags that have holes, or the zipper is broken, or something is wrong...but they're still in my closet. If anyone can help me control that....it would be much appreciated. If you came to my apartment you would wonder how I was able to collect all the crap I have. I really need to get rid of a lot, cause I ain't draggin all my crap to the other side of the continental united states. heheh Lan already volunteered to help me move over there. RODE TRIP hahhah. I think I'll get movers for that, but mebe we'll drive my car over...who knows? But nonetheless, this is a wonderful feeling. I think the last time I felt like this, I just changed my major from Psychology to Political Science (then added on Sociology for my minor). It also could have been when I got my first "real" job and packed all my clothes (and my computer) in my car and drove down to Orange County. I love this feeling, it's that knowing feeling....that something great is about to happen. Now if this actually does happen....wow, i'd impress myself. So yeah, I'm actually starting to do this...I really like it.

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