Thursday, March 11, 2004

i'm on the hunt for the perfect watch. i haven't really wore one in a while (cause i hate the line you get during the summer), but i hate asking for the time all the time (when i don't want to look at my celly). i don't like the metal bands cause it hurts my wrist (and ever since i lost weight it just spins round and round around my wrist--since i'm a lazy ass and don't wanna get that fixed). anyone have any suggestions? my old standards have always been fossil and swatch...but i'm checking out this tommy hillfiger watch and i'm totally diggin it. either a light, light metal band, or a skinny leather band (preferably black of course). **edit: i just found a coach watch that i'm drooling over. okay wallet or watch? i still have some gc's that ima spend next weekend when i go this is a tough one!

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