Saturday, March 27, 2004

Lazy days.... So after a day full of Robotech, laundry and napping...I finally got off my bed and updated my resume and wrote my letter of intent (thanks Grace!). It just went off to my old professor. I think I'm happy with it, yeah....I am. Man, I love Saturdays. Sleeping in, watching Alley McBeal and 90210, or whatevers on Disney channel (sorry to those who can't enjoy these days-but I'm enjoying them for you!). It's wonderful. I wish weekends could be longer, I also wish I had a transporter thing from Star Trek...I would so be somewhere else right now. Or I wish my closet was like the closet in Narnia, I'd just meet everyone there. I guess I just gotta be patient, plan my trips right....and save up my money. While I'm doing all that, I'll prep for the GRE. On that note ima go play with the CD. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. *HUG*

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