Sunday, March 14, 2004

mazda rev'n it up my bro and his girlfriend kristy came down for the weekend for the mazda rev it up. =) this is the 2nd year mazda has done this type of nationwide competition, actually my bro was #1 in the san francisco competition last year....but he wasn't able to pull it off this year (but he redeemed himself in in this weekend's competition in the oc =]) here we are right before one of our practice runs... so yeah we had fun tearing up the cars!! i wasn't so happy with my first run but i cut off 6 seconds in my second run and i ended with a time of 38.109...this is actually my best time (even better than my last years time). my brother just kept telling me to have fun & go fast, so when i got in there i was just telling myself, "you're in babygirl, you can do it." i know that was gay, but hell.....IT WORKED!! took off 6 seconds, HELL YEAH! and maybe having the radio on calmed me down a bit...i was super nervous during all my runs except this one, so yeah....i was pretty happy with myself. check us out! so afterwards we went to the oakley factory (which is that cool looking building after all the mazda rev it up pics), it was pretty friken cool man. but i was super tired driving back to la (i think i dozed off a few times cause i had to catch up a few times), but while driving i was messing with my contacts cause they were buggin was SUPER dry (so dry it popped out!!). i couldn't get it back in (and everyone else was asleep), i had to play with it and just stick it on my eye and start crying when it started stinging so it would stay in. i almost freaked out, but we were in traffic anyway so i was going slow enough to handle my car and handle my contact. yes, i was fully awake after all that. after dinner we all went to watch the passion. oh man, that was brutal (granted i fell asleep for a little in the beginning), i couldn't watch some of the scenes (i even started doing the coughing thing that i do when i see something that makes me nauseous or what not). but from what everyone was saying, it was historically correct (verbage wise i suppose)....but man i got all emotional (i didn't think i would). man oh man. so my bro and kristy left a little while ago, but not before they left me the ipod that my mom won. actually, it's the "family" ipod that i'm taking care of (they want me to put all the music and what not on there). but hey it's pretty daymn cool, and from what i gather it's one of the best. so yeah, hope you all had a good weekend.....ima go play with the ipod now. *mwah*

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