Friday, March 19, 2004

losing my mind!!! so i was getting ready and packing for my trip home today, and i was all proud of myself for packing everything in the little bag. so i'm finishing up packing this morning and i thought i was i talk to grace and she asks me how my watch is. i'm like oh man! i almost forgot to pack my coach gc!! which, as some of you know IS one of the main reasons of this trip! i also ALMOST forgot my digi!! i swear, i'd lose my head if it wasn't attached. so i'm all ready (i think) for my trip now. i even have the icar monster cable thing for the ipod, which by the way works perfectly! screw itrip!! it's all about icar cable!! so yeah, all i have to do now is make it through the day...i even slept well! so yay! i gotta make it to d&b's tonight, so hopefully nothing bad will happen, and no unsurprising red and blue lights will flash. yay, home home home!! happy friday everyone!! *mwah*

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