Sunday, October 31, 2004

Your Daily Tarot Reading

Love: The Star Touchstone: The Sun Career: The Hanged Man What a lovely day for you, dear Eileen Joy: You have drawn two celestial bodies, the Sun and the Star. With these two illuminating your romantic life, there will be no lack of tenderness, sincerity and personal happiness. You love, and you're loved in return, and that's wonderful. There is not a cloud in your sky. Make the best of these privileged moments. They make good souvenirs for times when you're feeling a bit under the weather. At work, you're not exactly on fire, although the situation around you in the professional sphere is extremely positive. The Hanged Man stops you from feeling and taking advantage of all the positive energy radiating from the Sun. Why not risk letting yourself go a little today? Those around you will back you up! Come on, be bold, you won't regret it! ---------------- Okay, now all I have to do is a wigi board. Anyone down?

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