Sunday, October 17, 2004

I (Throughout Time)...

Stolen from Mel, and it took me a while to figure out how I was going to answer this... 15 Years Ago (1989), I: 1. was a freshman in high school. 2. joined the "Flag Team" & Varsity Golf. 3. went for vacation to Cali (after 5 years of living in Guam and 2 in Hawaii). 4. started learning how to drive stick from my brother. 5. had my first real crush. 10 Years ago (1994), I: 1. was in my 2nd year at San Jose State. 2. was working at DeJaiz. 3. was an assistant director for JAC. 4. changed from nursing to pscyhology major. 5. went out a lot and became the "rebel" of the family...IRC soon followed. 5 Years ago (1999), I: 1. took my "offical" last "undergrad" class in the fall, so instead of '98 my diploma says '99. 2. have been living in southern cali for a year. 3. got my first 9-5 job. 4. got my first tatoo. 5. created my first "web site" (which I recently took down). 2 Years ago (2002), I: 1. started at TSMP. 2. got my first snowboard (either this year or the year before, i'm not sure) 3. went through relationships... 4. started blogging (thanks Mike!) 5. moved into my kick ass 2 story apartment. 1 Year ago (2003), I: 1. went to the East Coast for the first time & found my new home (hopefully in the fall). 2. got my last tatoo (I think). 3. got my dope as celly w/ the keyboard...she rocks. 4. got my dope ass coach bag (swear this season SUCKS ass). 5. re-connected with old friends. 6 Months ago (April 2004), I: 1. got my ipod from momma. 2. applied to the MSW program at Rutgers. 3. wrote my first personal statement. 4. started throwing old things away, and started going through my closet. 5. boarded Mammoth!! black diamond's baby! (well really in february but i wanted to say that). Yesterday (Oct 16, 2004), I: 1. woke up late and started too late. 2. studied for almost 12 hours straight for my social work class. 2. ate pizza and cinnamon sticks. 3. drank soda. 5. watched friends at 7. Today (Oct 17, 2004), I: 1. continued studying. 2. watched spiderman for 15 minutes. 3. volunteered at the shelter. 4. surfed the net and did this because it was super slow volunteering. 5. will go grocery shopping since I don't have much to eat at home. Tomorrow (Oct 18, 2004), I: 1. work. 2. school. 3. eat. 4. study. 5. sleep.

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