Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Little achievements make me happy...

So today is my one month anniversary from quitting smoking. =) Of course, I quit so I can run the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure without having to stop many times (for air, or water). I can now run a full 3.1 miles without stopping. *pats back* Also, *drum roll* in my Policing Society class, on my last quiz...I only missed ONE question. =) I was determined to do good, my quiz prior I missed more than I wanted to (a high B--but still). I'd like to think it was because of "performance anxiety", that was the night we had our Group Presentation...which we got 50/50 thank you very much. I just hate speaking in front of large groups of people. So I brought my grade back up to the level that I would like to be, the highest possible that I can. Yeah, you can say it...i'm a nerd. I have accepted my nerdiness, so I don't care what ya'll think about that. So today i'm taking myself out to lunch & getting myself whatever I want. =) Oh and don't forget to CLICK! It counts double this month!!

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