Monday, October 18, 2004


a: 80 bucks for partial highlights. a: ok i usu get a half head me: oh man. me: that's how much for all highlights w/ my hairdresser. a: i might as well just go there during lunch to make sure half head = partial me: partial is 50 a: dang me: that's expensive! a: when ur place says partial do they mean 1/2 head? me: yeah me: just not full blown highlights. me: half, enough to accentuate your head. me: hahaha a: hehe a: 1/2 is usually good for me me: good! me: it's gonna take longer than a lunch hour. a: oh yea i know that me: hair cuts take longer than lunch hour. a: id jus wanna meet the ppl in person i guess before goin me: anything hair related is long. me: ahh cool a: tru a: unless ur a guy a: dammit a: haha me: i know! me: a straight guy. a: hahaaAHAHAH me: it's true!

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