Saturday, October 02, 2004

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

So October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please click on the link on the right, that will fund free mammograms for women in need (you can also have an email reminder sent to you every day--so every day you're helping someone out there in need). If you like yogurt, please purchase the yoplait yogurt with the pink lids and send those lids in, "save lids, save lives." There are a bunch of stuff out there that you'd normally buy, but if you buy it in October it'll go towards Breast Cancer Research. Here are a few links: Heart To Tarte Collection from Sephora Glisten-Listen Gift Set Breast Cancer Awareness Pop-Up Travel Brush You can also buy these items at the store, and will go towards Breast Cancer Research. I'm doing the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure on February 27, 2005. I can't register yet, but when I can, you bet i'm going to be bugging everyone to sponsor me. =) I'm doing this in honor of my Aunt who passed away from Breast Cancer earlier this year. So anything that I can do to support the cause I will do. I also recruited a few friends and family members to run with me, if you want to run with me--please let me know. If I was ready, i'd do the City of Hope - Walk for Hope. But I just started training ("officially") a few weeks ago--it's going good, but I still got a ways to go. If anyone wants to train with me in so cal, please let me know (I got someone to train with at home). So please, this month, if you see anything with a pink lid (or it says proceeds goes towards Breast Cancer Research), please buy that instead of something that's not. I urge you to do what you can to help support this cause. I know a lot of women are lost because of this dreaded disease, so do what you can to help them out.

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