Monday, November 01, 2004

Middle of the road...

So okay, I got my midterm score. Low to Mid B. I'm so not happy. I know, I know...silver lining. Good score for the first midterm that i've had in five years, but still...not good enough. I got distracted, and you NOT worth it. So, from now till my final i'm going to immerse myself in my studies, volunteering, training, and other things that I have to get done (i.e. application crap). I can't afford to be "de-railed" from my goal, I need to do the best that I possibly can (and I will NOT settle for anything less). ----- BREAK!!! (i.e. conversations w/ my peoples) ----- *Breathe* Okay, that is all. No more madness, no more sadness. Gotta do this, or I won't go to where I want to be (not that a B is bad, A is even better). Oh and yeah, go out and vote tomorrow!! I already did!

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