Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Heh. Yeah, I HAD to say that. He is NOT the Devil Incarnate, so all you Kerry lovers can go hug a tree. heh, yes...I HAD to say that too. Yes, we are the majority now, in the Executive, Legislative, and soon to be added....the JUDICIAL. Yes, this was a very important election, and if you didn't vote...sorry, not listening. You HAD your chance to speak your mind, too bad you blew it. So yeah, we all have our reasons for voting how we did. Elections are done and over with, now we all must move on. I have hope for the future, it's really sad to hear/read that some people can't get over it. You can't let this get you down, if you have a problem with it...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Get involved, make a difference! I'm working on the making a difference part, I think obtaining my MSW will bring out the advocate in me, then I can REALLY start using that Poly Sci degree that I obtained six years ago. So yeah, hate the results? GET OVER IT! Now it's time to do something about it, stop bitching and complaining about everything--that does nothing but annoy. Talk to your Congressman/woman/person, letters do help, petitions even more...and please NEVER EVER tell me you don't have time to vote, that makes me wanna slap somebody (and I almost did). Get off your ass and do something about it! One person can change the world! heh, okay i'm done now. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

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