Sunday, November 21, 2004

Early Thanksgiving

Before I get started...HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOEL!!! Now, on with the show... This weekend started off kind of rocky, yes, I left celly in the apt (found her on my bar table as soon as I walked in). So suffice it to say, if I didn't sync ipod, I would have been assed out...and yeah, everyone was calling Lan to get a hold of me (umm, sorry about Saturday--I heard). wanna see pictures? *click* *click* So yes, Thursday and Friday drinking was done, had, and over again. It was good to chill with the girls, and that's okay with some of the boys (ya'll are excused)--whatever to the other one. Saturday was kinda odd, the power on our block went out (even at Walgreens). So me, having no celly had to go to Albertsons to get change from a rude ass chinese lady who yelled at me for not having smaller bills for quarters for the phone--WHATEVER! I almost had it at that point, made my calls, picked up lola and headed over to my brothers. Of course when I went back home to unplug the fridge the power was back on...then after I vacuumed one part of the house the power goes out again...yeah, was one of those weekends. Actually, that day was very eventful after all that a lot of studying done, and my bro's girl and I worked on my personal statement (yes, I'm in the process of re-writing the entire thing). My dad was even impressed with my social issue section for NYU and Columbia, so I have hopes (and those sections are staying the same!). If all goes as planned, I will be the second person in my little family to obtain a Masters. Then today, of all days, for everything to go wrong. First, I got pissed off this morning because of "family" issues/arguments. So basically the entire morning was ruined, I looked like my eyes were gonna pop out or something (or extremely tired--but they all knew better). I hate it when we don't talk, but then again I kinda walked off cause I was so mad. grrrrrrr... THEN my plane got delayed like a whole hour. Grrrrrrr, from weather problems up in Vegas i'm told. That was just the cherry on top. Thanks Ben for the ride. =) Yes, rinse repeat later this week--except next time i'm driving. Yeah, i'm just bitching, it was good to see everyone though. Oh, the good thing is I found out where the family trip will be at end of July...we are going on a cruise to the Greek Isles. Yeah baby! We're going to Venice, Rome, and more! That's gonna be the best trip ever!! If all goes as planned, that'll be the last trip for a while...I can't wait!

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