Friday, November 05, 2004

Time flies when you're having fun...

So it's been about six years that i've been away from home. Been through relationships, and about four different jobs in a field that I have learned to hate (although I seem to be pretty good at it). So much has happened, friendships have been strengthened, bonds created, or lost. It's amazing how time passes so quickly that we don't notice it till we stop and take a look around. So, after a lot of consideration (and the fact that my rent was raised AGAIN), I have decided that it's time to go home. I'm supposed to be saving money for when I go to Grad School, i'm not supposed to be spending it. So, at the end of January I will be back with my family and loved ones once again. It took me a while to get to this point, and LA was fun but i'd rather spend some time with my people before I start (hopefully) the next phase of my life. Why wait to go? School ends the first week of December, and I don't think I can organize a move with the holidays coming so soon. So most likely all my birthday money will be spent for all my moving costs. I'm really excited about this. Yeah, I won't have the security of a job (that I hate) but, i'll be able to chill and work temp jobs (i've always liked those). The most important thing about this? I'll be home. I can't wait. So yes, some people have been promised some of my things. Other things will be donated. I HATE moving, but at least i'll get rid of everything before I make the jump to the other coast. All my LA peeps, let's hang. Three more months, but i'll be back for the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure at the end of February. You haven't gotten rid of me yet.

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