Sunday, November 14, 2004

Foreseeing the future (possibly)

Capricorn Quickie: The finish line is right in front of you. One last push and you'll be there. Capricorn Daily extended: It looks like this may be the day when all of your hard work and effort finally pays off. Although others may have teased you for setting such strict rules for your behavior, they may have to eat their words at this point. It's true that sometimes you make impossible demands on yourself, but right now the results are exactly what you expected and hoped for. You may be in an ideal position to help others. Tact is your best ally. -------------- I'll be home soon. I can't wait. Finished up studying for my Policing Society Class (thank goodness), only one class to concentrate on now. For my first semester being back in school, I think I did pretty good. Well, the jury is still out on that one...but it's looking good. So yeah, pretty tired. Off to bed I go. G'NITE!

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