Thursday, July 15, 2004

a watched pot never boils

so i was doing what has turned into my "daily" check on rutgers website to check my "status", and after inputting everything i hit "submit"...then it happened, a stupid glitch! saying i came to that site because i might not have paid (but i did, i have the receipt to prove it!). i was freaked! so i closed the window & opened up a new one, went back, inputted...and there it was..."no decision". whew! that's better than them not having my info right? although, it would be nice to have "accepted" instead of "no decision". but that just goes to show me, patience! so i have to keep telling myself...a watched pot never boils (at least that was going through my head after that whole "incident" happened). so to answer everyone's question, no i have not yet received my acceptance (or otherwise) letter. i should be receiving some sort of correspondence before the end of the month, so please don't ask. it's kind of like asking me when i'm getting married and having kids, it invokes that same type of feeling when asked that question. so i'll just do this, when i find out...everyone will know. =) * * * * and for the girlies...especially if you like your hair stick straight like mine, get this!! believe me girls, i have tested this bad boy and it rocks! i don't even have to wet my hair, shoooot, i can shower...air dry--then straighten it...and it looks just like the jennifer aniston look that i've been going for! it'll also be good for when i go back to school, less maintenance in the morning. ;)

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