Saturday, July 31, 2004

the big "3 0"

so shannie finally turned the BIG "3 0"!! hehe yeah, she's finally "old". yeah i know 30's not that old (since i'm 6 months older than her), i just like reminding her whenever i get the chance. =) so here's some pic's from her birthday brunch. *click* *click* enjoy! not too much, i was concentrating on all the eating (even if some people don't believe i actually eat =P) so happy birthday girlfriend! i luv ya! *MWAH* oh and yes, computer is back baby!! thank you louie!! she's all reformatted & trojan free! she's running way fast, better than ever! of course i had to get all my mp3s off the ipod (so my 16 disks of crap, was a waste), but i was able to save everything else on separate i'm all good. i think i put everything that i had back on...anyway, thank you thank you to all of you who helped me in my time of troubles. it is much appreciated. *mwah*

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