Friday, July 02, 2004

home sweet home...

so the drive wasn't so so bad, getting through L.A. wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be (especially during rush hour). i especially liked the 152 when i was zooming in and out (love me those curves). anyway, i got all the crap out of my car that i brought home with me (and my room isn't all that packed--thanks bro!). so considering that my back seat had a shitload of crap...i made good time. so now i'm in my bro's room (course he's at the girlies) & lola's asleep. it's so empty without my parentals and the doggie. it's okay though, i love being here...nothing like the bay area. i'm not even tired, considering i didn't get my usual starbucks before heading out. but now i'll get to whole point of this post....i wanted to wish all of you a happy 4th! looks like i probably won't be around a computer on the 4th, and if my plans go through tomorrow i won't get on tomorrow either. so enjoy everyone! don't get too drunk, and if you do....please don't drive! i betcha bottom dolla' that there will be cops roaming the streets of wherever you are! so yah, enjoy the long holiday! i'm sure i'll have pictures to show you all come monday. so yeah, i really wish i could be spending the "holiday" with some of you....but alas, we can't all have what we want right? i probably won't even make it to the bbq with lan, but ish all good meng. unless i get back in time....but we'll see. anyway, you all have a wonderful 4th of july weekend....i'm going to say hello to my bed. adieu! *hug* & *mwah*

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