Wednesday, July 14, 2004

burning bridges

you know how some of your "friends" are there for a reason, season or lifetime? well i suppose i have some "reason" friends & some of them are getting on my last nerve. you try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt right? then they go and say some shit that only the lowest of the low would ever say, something that they pulled straight out of their ass and thrown in your face. i hate it when that happens. but you value their friendship (you think), but things that they do just keep piling on and on and on. a neverending cycle if you will...a sad, sad cycle. so to keep your sanity you "burn that bridge". am i a bad person for doing that? you try and try to make things work (relationship/friendship wise). you even let some of the their annoying habits not get to you, but it keeps piling on, and you keep making more excuses to everyone. then you get to the point where you say to yourself...what the hell am i doing? why is this person still in my life? i've been asking myself that very question as of late. i still don't have any answers, yet i'm still around. they still annoy the fuck out of me, but i just smile and think...oh they'll get it, i have faith in them. but WHY do i have faith in them? when they KEEP doing the thing that annoys me the most? i mean, a lot of my friends have "disappeared"...but the good ones, the good ones are still around. they're the ones asking me...what the hell are you doing? why the fuck is so and so still around, calling you, im'ing you? what the hell? i have no answers. all i know is, i don't want to feel like i've wasted time getting to know someone, and being their friend...only to walk away. but i guess sometimes if that person repeatedly goes beyond those personal limits you have...there's a point where you need to cut your losses while you're still fairly ahead...and move on.

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