Sunday, July 18, 2004

psychic predictions

so, some of you know that i spoke with a psychic a week or so ago. i got the tape of the "session" exactly a week after, and i listened to it again. that was just the weirdest sounded like two entirely different people (not at all like it was me and lysa speaking). one thing came true (so far) that she has predicted, except, it was off a bit...she told me to look at my front right tire. well, it was my front left tire. i went to get my alignment this weekend, and apparently i got a screw in the left and it only had 13 lbs of air in it. i knew it looked a little low, but my bro put less air in the front than the back--so that's what i thought it was. she already had particular "names" right, but even before i spoke to her i was keeping my distance (i should have been keeping my distance--but you live and you learn), it was just funny to hear her get THAT name right. i won't be able to see if the second part of it's right for maybe a few weeks, and the third part of it would probably be a few months after that (we talked about three sections and extra's). it was kinda of more in the line of "predictions", as opposed to people or things in my life. but we did discuss "reasoning" of my wanting to move. how she believed deep down that i'm going for a "bigger reason" and not for the "cherry" on top (heh, if you only knew). how the "catalyst" got me there, but is not the reasoning for me going...but without the "catalyst" i wouldn't be so focused as to going to grad school, or moving for that matter. i know some people feel or felt like going to the psychic was a waste of my time and money, but i got a lot out of it....and i've never been to a psychic before (it was really cool). this whole year has been a year of "doing" things, as opposed to just "talking" about it. i've been talking about everything long enough, i'm actually doing everything i've been talking about for the past few years. i just hope the first half of what she said comes true soon, the other half i'm willing to work on it...but keeping in mind what she had to say also...

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