Tuesday, July 20, 2004

standing still

sometimes you have to pick your battles, and know when to fight, stand still, or move on. this is a very valuable lesson to learn. you can't always be fighting (cause you won't always win), and you can't stand still forever (no one should ever go through that), but you have to at least try before you move on (otherwise it was just a waste of your time). i suppose standing still is neither here or there, it's kind of like being invisible. feeling like you're being treated as if you don't exist, even if you are...at the same time. really hard to explain i know. sometimes it's a good thing, but in this case...i think it's bad. you feel like a "toy" that's been disregarded, thrown in the corner...covered by dust. or a book, the pages are yellowing, creases all over...yet you have no interest in reading it ever again. so it goes to the bottom of the pile, with books on top of books...lost without a trace. or an old model, sitting on your book case...covered with dust. just there. doing nothing. standing still. out of sight, out of mind. so what do you do when you've been standing there for so long? you walk away. there is only so much you can do, you can put up with, before you feel that you can't do anything. you can only be "understanding" for so long, before you lose yourself and your "ideals" in the process. granted, you don't lose all the time, and before the battle...it was interesting, intriguing, wonderful, and at times beautiful...sometimes you just have to realize that it's best to let go. stand still. or simply walk...

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