Saturday, July 10, 2004

new editions and testing

so i finally got around to test that pop up picture thing i asked yano about awhile ago when she was giving out html tips. took me a while, but there you have it! these are a few of my favorite pic's, with a few of my favorite people. next thing i have to figure out do you center, and have my font flow rather than change colors...or whatever it decides to do at any given moment. also, i've added a few links to my frequent hits - blogs & sites, and i also categorized everything (to make it easier for viewing--especially for downtime at work ;) ).
as you can coloring changes after centering. i have no clue how to fix this, so today while waiting for people to call me it will be my mission to find out how to fix this!
oh and last night we went to see spiderman 2! movie rocks man. but as my bro put it, they had to put the 10 - 15yr love story of peter & mj into 2 movies, and the cg wasn't too over the top (he is after all a cartoon character). there's probably more i want to say about it, and there are some quotes that i loved from it...but i'm on a mission. i'll get back to this later. hope everyone's doing good, you're always in my thoughts. *hug*
**edit: i fixed it, i fixed it!! but all the centering shows up only in netscape but not in explorer, guess i'm only partially fixed....

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