Tuesday, July 06, 2004

psychic talks

so call me retarded, mental or whatever--but i did it. i contacted the psychic, the author to psychic diaries....lysa mateau. we had a little "chat" today at my designated time. very, very interesting talk we had, some things i already knew about me (some not so much). we also discussed my brother alfrancis (who passed away at birth). i was just fascinated how she was able to pull a bunch of stuff out. she told me that if she was right in front of me i would probably be laughing at her since she was physically pushing some people away (funny how she knew the right names to say too). and it was really weird when she was talking about my brother, like he was showing her things (since technically he never was able to talk)...and he has the first part of my daddy's name (he was mentioning or showing her two male's with the same name....just to show that he's out there. that in and of itself was weird. i mean, i can feel him around me sometimes...and at night i talk to him (even if i know i won't get any kind of verbal response), sometimes i see signs that he's there. one day i'll see him, but not anyday soon. then we started talking about my future. she doesn't see me staying in the place i'm at now (and all i asked her was...am i moving?), she see's this as a good move for me. i know some people think i'm going for someone...but even she believes that THAT is NOT the reason. it was more of a "catalyst" for it, but not the reason. and if this "reason" weren't to occur, it would have taken me longer to get off my ass and do something about it. so regardless the reason, this is a good thing for me. this is something that i'm meant to do, so i'm glad i finally got around to do it....even IF some of you think otherwise...i know better (so do my girlies). she also said that my reasons for moving is two fold, one isn't my decision (has to do with an acceptance of something) and the second part is all me (whether or not to accept the acceptance). i will also not be alone for the rest of my life, what happens with that will happen sometime in my future....but not here! so basically, la just isn't happening...it could happen in the east, or the bay (maybe even in the midwest)...but not down here. she also pointed out some things in my personality that i have to get a control of, which slowly i am...babysteps, always babysteps. i'm growing and changing, but i don't move that fast you know. but she did say i grew alot in this past year. which, even though i've seen it (and it's been pointed out to me) it's always nice to hear. so after my "chat" with lysa, shannon and i dissected it. first she got mad at me (i refused to tell her what i was doing at 6:30), then we went through it point by point. in the end we came up with, as long as i felt good about it--that i got something out of it, then it's all good. i've NEVER been to a psychic or talked to one, never had my palm read, or anything like that. i do own some taro cards (yet, i don't know how to really read them), and i've "witnessed" a wigi board "reading"(?) on a halloween night during college sometime (the early years). so this was my first psychic "encounter", and i think it was good. will i do it again? who knows! all i know is that i'm glad i did it, glad i talked to her. if you want to know more about her, check out her book psychic diaries, it's a good read. and if you do a reading with her, you get a recording on tape, so when i get my tape in the mail--you can bet your bottom dolla' ima dissect that shit. i think i am content, i'm also very excited for my future. bring it on!

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