Tuesday, July 27, 2004

in anticipation...

so this week i've been trying to find out what the deal is with rutgers. i've called, and checked the website a million of times....they know as much as i do. hurry up committee!! let me know what the deal is! i have some people telling me to breathe, and calm down...and i have others telling me to keep calling and demand an answer. and i have others still that keep asking me that question...have you heard anything yet? arrgghhhhh, makes me want to pull out my hair!! if only sjsu didn't take so daymn long getting my transcripts to me--i would have known by now! so to prepare (in case the psychic is right), i've already filled out my fasa forms for financial aid, and i'm looking into apts (thanks to ver7igo's suggestion--since no one else knows the area). this is also in case there is no housing available on campus (i really hope there is *cross-fingers*). man, all this waiting is killing me! all i know is, if accepted (although i really should say when--keeping the good vibes and all)...august will be hell. but you know, in the end i'm gonna be a hell of a lot happier. i might be in the hole, but i'll be happy. oh and also to save money, i've been bringing my lunches (more like, i'm in the process of finishing all the food in my freezer). yesterday this chicken was just nasty to me, but today....man it's the bomb!!!

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