Monday, January 24, 2005


Got this one from Yano: THREE NAMES YOU GO BY - LeeN - Leenie - Eileen Joy THREE SCREEN NAMES YOU HAVE HAD - sWeetPnaY - LeeNerZ - eileenjoy THREE THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF - my ability to adjust - my ability to hear anything (especially when people don't think i'm listening) - my ability to remember the smallest detail THREE THINGS YOU DON'T LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF - my temper - my competitiveness (only sometimes) - my always having to be right about everything THREE PARTS OF YOUR HERITAGE - Filipino - Hawaiian (my brother will confirm this one) - American THREE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU - not being able to do something that I set out to do (and work hard to do) - plane crashes - people that do not know how to drive THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS - coach bag (it fits everything!!) - my ipod - my celly (even if i'm getting my replacement this week, old hotness will do) THREE THINGS YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW - tank top - burgandy flannel pj pants - my livestrong, and breast cancer bracelets (and my pony tail rubberband) THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE BANDS OR MUSICAL ARTISTS - Goo Goo Dolls - No Doubt - Madonna THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS - "Iris" Goo Goo Dolls - "End of the Road" Boys to Men - "Fairytale Lover" U.T.F.O. THREE NEW THINGS YOU WANT TO TRY IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS - running a 5k (Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure on Feb 27th) - living out on the east coast - go to grad school on the east coast THREE THINGS YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP - love - honesty - faithfulness TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE - I can eat a bag of chessmen in one sitting - I like complements - even though i'm from the bay, i'm all about the Lakers baby!! THREE PHYSICAL THINGS ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX THAT APPEAL TO YOU - hair (you must do the *do*) - abs (if possible, so I can lick them) ;) - eyes (it's always about the eyes) THREE THINGS YOU JUST CAN'T DO - learn how to speak ilocano (I can only say the bad words) - I can't say no (on particular things) - I can't stop watching re-runs & commercials (especially FRIENDS) THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE HOBBIES - working out - running (which is not the same as working out, i.e. step class, or weights) - learning how to do new things, or taking apart "gadgets" and putting them back together again THREE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO REALLY BADLY RIGHT NOW - move!! - finish packing - get accepted already!!

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