Monday, January 10, 2005


I had the most oddest dream last night... We were at this "Gothic" Mansion at one of those grand parties. Everyone was dressed up very nice, in black and burgandy...very very gothic. Apparently the Vampire "King" had his eye on me, and all night long he was trying to make me his "Queen". I think there was a time he trapped me in one of the rooms (there might have been sex involved--to distract him so I can bust out) but one of his "guards" helped me (probably after the sex) to find my friends in the main ballroom. He never bit me to make me his--which I found to be odd. So the guard (who works on both sides) helped me find my friends (I do not want to mention exactly who, because I only remember a few people), they all formed a circle around me and we fought our way to hidden corridors and lower dungeons to eventually be free of the mansion. While we were in the ballroom, vampires were flying everywhere trying to snatch me up--but I had tall people to protect me. We all knew that the Vampire King would try to find me and my "friend" at our apt, so we went to a hotel (somewhere far--not necessarily out of the state [I do not know exactly what state we were in], just somewhere we do not normally go). He had 'till midnight to make me his Queen. Vampires were searching everywhere for me. I woke up sometime after that. I found it odd that the Vampire did not bite me when I was distracting him with sex. It wasn't even good sex, I think I just wanted to tire him out so I could escape. He never bit me, and he did not make me his "Queen". What does this all mean? Louie says someone is protecting me from something, but what? And who? Anyone? oh and btw, I did not watch any vampire movies the night before (or during the weekend).

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