Friday, January 14, 2005

2 weeks and counting...

It's the final two weeks of my stay in southern california, and my final weeks at that dreaded law firm (to hell with all of you!!). Tonight I have learned that i'm not the only one leaving in a few weeks, one must think something is wrong when all of the staff and associates are dropping like flies (is that the right saying?). I can taste my freedom *fist in air*. So far i'm on schedule. I can't do any more packing until my friend comes over and picks up her "purchases", then i'll have more room to box the rest of my crap up. I'm going to re-apply, and apply to schools this weekend. I'm so excited, I have almost all the needed paperwork. CSUN should have sent out my transcripts today, I hope it'll get to my house soon (then I could stop tripping about getting everything). I'll just be praying that God will convince the schools that I deserve to be in the program. I'm not a very "religious" person (I used to be), but I will be a good girl, I will go to church regularly, and I will pray more *gets on knees and begs*. I can't do much from this point on, just hope the schools will like the fact that i'm a much better person now than I was when I was in undergrad. What else? I just saw a friend of mine that I haven't in a while, well, we were more than friends at one point. It was nice to see you, and i'm glad we were able to talk about the past and move on. I hope things will get better, and if you need my help...let me know. My apt is a mess, just a huge pile of bags, boxes, and furniture turned upside down or on it's sides. I cannot wait till these next two weeks are over and done with. Bad side? I have to learn a tagalog song to sing by the 13th. I'm so not getting it! Usually I get it right away, but maaaannnnnn I guess these words are just more "complicated" than all the other songs i've attempted. I have to figure out what song I'm gonna sing for my brothers wedding. Daymn you people for asking, you knew I wouldn't say no! Hmmmmm. I'm so out of it. I can't think in complete thoughts. Maybe if my apt was more organized I would, but seeing that it's a huge mess--I am. It would help if I had a Harry Potter wand, i'd bust a Wingardium Leviosa (sp?) and sit on my ass and magically everything will pack itself! Wouldn't that be cool? Oh and I have pre-ordered book #6! I cannot wait. I'm going to be reading that on the flight to London...but that's another topic for another time. *sigh* I need help! I need boxes, I need some.....umm okay, bed time. Have a good weekend everyone! My ass will be cooped up in my apt getting ready for the move, either that or running my ass off...I feel so fat (shut up, don't wanna hear it).

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