Saturday, January 15, 2005

The finality of it all..

I just cancelled all of my services sans electricity, apparently they're not opened over the weekend. It just feels so surreal. I dreamed of this for so long. Well, it's temporary--but still. But I just had to share this, cause I think it's oh so stupid. Customer Service: Can I verify your address? Me: (Verifies address along w/ state and zipcode) Customer Service: What state do you live in? Me: Excuse me? Customer Service: What state do you live in? Me: CALIFORNIA I mean hello! I gave her my exact address, apt number, state and ZIPCODE. One would think she would have heard it the first time. Anyway, whatever...time to apply online to my top three! Wish me luck! ------ Edit: Dammit, gotta call Columbia to see how I can submit my personal statement (Separate by question? You got to be kidding, it's a 6 page document--that's how it's meant to be submitted!!) and NYU wants the application and all supporting materials to be submitted in the mail. Daymn you people!! Why can't I apply online, Rutgers has no problem taking my stuff online!! Grrr, must run.

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