Thursday, February 19, 2004

something to keep in mind I think that what happens as you get older is that you start to live more for others than you do for yourself. To see someone that you care about smile and appreciate you, to help someone through difficult times, to really live for others, and in turn, this becomes your life, to make the lives of those you care about better, doing whatever it takes. Whether that be working the night shift until your hands become bleeding and calloused, putting aside everything, to just hear what was said to be heard, it's being who you are. Sincerity, being genuine in your motives, it's not enough to simply believe in your self, believe in your friends, your family, the people in your lives, something greater than yourself; and live for them, and they'll live with you. And that's most important, to live with people that believe in you, and people you can believe in too. ~Revelations 21 : 3 - 6~ stolen from bumblebootie. thanks girl! =)

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