Thursday, February 05, 2004

OLD PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE!!! so i was driving in to work, minding my own business...then this old man tries to get into my lane WHILE I WAS STILL IN IT!!! i didn't even have a chance to do anything (since he was right next to me), i didn't even have a chance to see his signal light!!! so i honk right, he still continues to get into my lane while i'm still honking!!! i literally had to stop and wait till the f*cker moved over. HE ALMOST HIT ME!!! i mean really, if someone is honking at you wouldn't you stop trying to do what you were doing and WAIT till it's clear to change lanes? oh no, the f*cker just kept on going his merry way, as if he was in the right. sh*t, if i didn't notice he wasn't going straight anymore and crossing my line then he WOULD have hit me! i swear, that's just the perfect way to start my day.... 8/30

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