Sunday, February 08, 2004

one of my favorite things... or actually places to eat. but unlike the little shack type deal they used to have (with just the tables outside to sit at), this one is way updated! it's the fanciest albertos i've ever been to, with a playground and everything. it's like mcdonalds!! it's even nice on the inside, complete with video games area and televisions (all on the spanish channels of course). but it was way cool! oh yeah, their still is the tables on the outside. you see... they only have these in like oc & daygo (this one happened to be in the oc area). arnie aka sk00by was kind enough to take me here before we headed down to daygo for mary's birthday party. they have the best carne asada chipys! i think i just like their guacamole, but man it was good! ya'll want good mexican? go there! daygo was fun, but i didn't bring my cam in so not a lot of pics (and i have to wait till arnie sends me copies to post them up). but all i gotta say is the wine was so nasty that i was chasing it down with water! bleu!! sangria was good, and i'm glad mary had a great time. good times again with the daygo heads, looking forward to mammoth (hopefully i can get it off)!! **edit:: here's a few more pics! 5/30

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