Thursday, February 26, 2004

the mother of all mountains in cali at least. yes, i'm heading down to daygo after work, and from there....mammoth mountain. i'm finally going where everyone keeps talking about. two days of fun on fluffy white powder (thanks to the storm), hopefully i'll master the art of getting off a lift (and other things). am i excited? yeah...actually i am, i'm just in the worst moods ever. everything that could go wrong last night....did. issue after issue, and on top of that it was raining like no tomorrow (well, we did need it). i was running around with no umbrella (i know, i know), getting all my crap and then some....ending up at my favorite store ever....BEST BUY. and since it was ash wednesday, i ended up not eating dinner since all i have is meat (must go to grocery store when i get back). that so didn't help my mood either. stupid usb hub screwed everything up...but not to worry, i'm back in business thanks to my computer guru (he didn't even have to come over this time--he talked me through it over the phone). if it's not one thing, it's another....i'm just happy that things are working again. but i woke up late, forgot to pack my pj's (gotta go to vicky secrets or gap sometime today), hopefully i didn't forget anything else (at least i don't think i did). man, of all days to be grumpy...

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