Sunday, February 29, 2004

mammoth madness here we all are on top of dave's run... we like to call it "dave's walk", if i wasn't so tired after getting down that mountain i would have taken an after picture. that particular mountain took some of us (yes, me included) a long ass time to get down. after you go across a way (where we took the picture) you go down (into 4 ft or more of powder--and you have to go all the way down). that i think was the toughest mountain i went wasn't a double black, but they were saying it was a black. but we all were walking most of that run. everything before and after that was really cake, but WE DID IT!!! so yeah, mammoth was by far the best boarding trip i've ever been on. the powder was so nice and fluffy (i just hated getting stuck in it--i should have just sat on my board and tried to slide down). i did a better job of getting off the lifts (i hardly fell!), i went down more black diamonds, and we all had a great time (with the exception of my migrane the first day). i made some new friends, and i'm really really really glad i went. i think i'm getting better! *click* *click* so there we all were. thank you for inviting me guys & thanks rianne for cooking! i think the only damage during this trip (for me) was i broke some of my nails (and i lost a lot of sleep). i don't see any bruises, and i'm not in a lot of pain! but we'll see how i feel tomorrow....

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