Monday, February 23, 2004

friendship's like a season, some stay for just that season... and some stay the whole entire season i got that from my girl gen, i thought it was appropriate for my mood (especially lately). i've been reminiscing about a lot of things as of late, mostly the friendships i've had thoughout the years. all the people that i've met before we left cali, and when we got back. it's just funny who i keep contact with now, and who i don't, and the reasons we lost contact. it's just weird. like for instance, my brothers best friend (howard) was my sadie hawkins date from my junior year of high school. in fact, back then i wasn't allowed to in order for me to go to the dance, noel had to go. they've been friends ever since, and since then we've been tight (no matter who came or went, that connection was always tight). in fact, howards's current girlfriend is one of my good friends (at least i consider her to be)....actually, she's the one who gave me that quote. weird right? i mean we have our little circle of friends, and whenever i go home they make me feel like i've never left. it's really nice. then i have the friends that i've met through state, or through irc. let's say these are from my college years (that's what i tell my parents anway). the majority of my friends now are from this period of my life, and it's just funny that we all still keep in contact....some of them i'm closer to now than i was back then. for some time i really didn't talk to some of them, then we all get in one room and it's as if no time has passed (that's the true test of friendship, and i love them all). so slowly but surely i've been getting back in touch with everyone, and i wonder why we ever lost contact. in fact, one of my very best friends i met back in highschool...but we weren't as close then as we are now. you see, she was really cool (she was in dice) and i just wanted to hang with her...we kept in contact (and i never lost faith in her) and now we're the best of friends. she's always checking up on me to make sure i'm doing good, or if i ate (man the girl can cook!). my other best friend i met through my old best friend (i didn't lose faith in her either), we always talked to each other once a year at least (after i moved down to la)...but recently she crawled out from under her rock and i talk to her if not every day, every other fact she went with me to jersey recently. we made a pact to go somewhere every year (and if i move out east she's gonna visit me--even when it's cold). i've learned that no matter where i go, how far or close...these people will always be important to me. i'm always gonna be there for them no matter what (thank goodness for free longdistance and nights starting at 7pm). and as long as you have faith, they'll be there...and i'll be there for the long haul. i'm more of a entire season kind of friend (unless you burn the bridge so badly that there is no recovery in sight). i'm really glad for the friends that are still around, and i'm even happier for those that i've gotten closer to. it makes me have a mushy feeling inside (and i actually like feeling that way). you all know who you are. i'm glad i didn't lose faith.

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