Friday, February 25, 2005

48 hours...

Till my first ever 5k, the Susan G. Koman, Race for the Cure...and i'm flying solo. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond her control, Lan cannot run with me (I even offered to walk if we left Saturday at midnight). It's fine. I'm ready. I did a good run on the treadmill Wednesday night, and I ran in the rain on Monday. This entire month was training, all outside with the exception of Wednesday's run (30 day free membership at Golds [whooo haaaa--but Hayward sure ain't like Santa Clara back in the day]). I just hope they let me run with my ipod, i'm sure it'll be fine...if not--i'll sneak her in. =) Besides, i'm not doing this for me. Auntie Lina, this is for you! Also, this is for all the women who have passed away from this deadly disease, or who are currently fighting it. Thank you all for the donations, it's going to a wonderful cause. Wish me luck, the drive will be hell--i'm gonna try not to chain smoke (I know daymn well I won't make it down without smoking). For those of you who I sent bracelets to, please wear them on Sunday. Also, if you would like one, I have 10. I can do it! This is for you Auntie! *fist in air*

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