Tuesday, March 01, 2005

31 minutes and some seconds...

That's how long it took me to finish my very first 5k. *fist in air* I know, to some that sounds slow, but hey, it's my first race...I think I did good. The first mile I did in 9 minutes and some seconds, the second mile I did a little over 10, but that third mile...it killed me. Not only that, the .125 killed even more, it was like the death of me. I thought I was done, but no--they didn't have water at that point, just people cheering. Although, I'm sure we all appreciated the cheering, some water thrown on us would have been nice. I say 31 minutes and some seconds because Victor (Shan's man--did I forget to mention they ran with me?) told us that we have to take note of the time we cross, because it took us a little under a minute to get to the dude that took the bottom of our bibs to note our times. We also have to take off from when we first started and had to dodge through all the people in front of us, and those nice walkers that were in the runners line. So yes, I wasn't flying solo after all. Shan felt bad for me and volunteered her man to run with me (he does 5ks & 10ks all the time), and we thought it would be even more fun if Shan would run also. Yes, she bitched and moaned, but in the end she got her ass up before the crack of dawn with the rest of us. Oh and yes, my dumb ass forgot to bring my camera to the event--but good thing Victor is a tecky geek too, so he took pictures of us. Actually that worked out, he finished the race, ran to the car, and no less than two minutes he had to take my picture. I didn't even notice till he yelled my name. Apparently I was all into it, I think at that time I gave up on my ipod (she kept skipping)...pumping arms and breathing all hard...yeah that's right--I worked it. I kept thinking to myself, dammit when will this end?? Of course the entire time I was running I kept thinking of my Auntie Lina. This was for you Auntie, I did it. I was one of the first 4,000 runners (well, Victor, Shannon and myself). We all got our little pins and had to replenish....I think I got a bit dehydrated. Probably cause I didn't drink too too much on the drive down--I hate stopping for anything (pee breaks included). So next race, i'm flying. Therefore no reason to smoke before, and no reason to deny drinking too much water. It took me a while to recuperate, it was fun walking around and checking out all the booths...by the time we got to Roscoe's I was fine--I inhaled my food. Yes, you read that right *ahem*...I ate all my food and then some. So yes, if you people want me to finish my food--let me run a race, then I'll show you. So for now i'm on training hiatus. Well, not really...I went to the gym today--bi's, tri's, chest, back, abs and delts....tomorrow more arms--maybe a little cardio and most definitely abs (they are getting harder, let me tell you *snap*). After the hiatus i'm gonna put myself on a strict training regimen and yes, diet (good bye crispy creams), and no smokes (i'll try hard not to do it while drinking--but it will be hard). I have been invited to run another 5k/10k with Shan and Victor in May. I must beat 31 minutes. My Dad scoffed when he heard my time. Am I in the Navy? Have I ever been in boot camp? Daymn him! Thank you everyone who called, text'd, commented or IM'd me good/congratulatory wishes. I appreciate it. Thank you all for your support. Thank you for wearing the bracelet(s) I sent, and if anyone wants one I have 10 to give away (pink--breast cancer). E-mail, text, call, comment, or IM me and i'll send it your way. Thanks again, and as always, pictures to come soon (as soon as I get them from Victor).

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